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Grinding Uneven Sidewalks

  • 2019 Cost of Sidewalk Repair - Estimates and Prices Paid

    How much sidewalk repair should cost. Average costs and comments from CostHelper's team of professional journalists and community of users. Hiring a contractor to pour a concrete sidewalk runs around 5- 9 a square foot, or 1,500- 2,250 for a sidewalk 5 feet wide and 50 feet long. Depending on the type of finish used, costs can be as high as 10- 18 or more a square foot, or 2,500- 4,500 for .

  • How to Repair Sidewalks with Concrete Grinding - Concrete .

    Why concrete grinding is the best for sidewalk repair. Concrete grinding or sidewalk cement grinding is one method to remove sidewalk trip hazards typically up to 1 1/2″ in height where sidewalks have been lifted by tree roots, shifting soil, etc. Concrete grinding will remove the top finished layer of cement and leave an exposed aggregate .

  • Home | Always Safe Sidewalks

    Always Safe Sidewalks has been removing trip hazards from uneven sidewalks and other concrete walkways across the nation. The Advantage Cut it, don't grind it! Not only does Always Safe Sidewalks help you comply with the ADA and avoid trip and fall accident liability, we also guarantee work far superior to and less costly than grinding methods.

  • Universal Concrete Grinding | Nationwide Trip Hazard Repair

    Universal Concrete Grinding Commercial Sidewalk Repair. Over time, concrete sidewalks can become worn and uneven. Soil settling or tree root growth may even break sidewalk pads. We remove walkway tripping hazards and level uneven concrete by grinding, also called scarifying.

  • Home - Florida Sidewalk Solutions

    The Florida Sidewalk Solutions team are trip hazard removal specialists and an affiliate of Precision Concrete Cutting, of Provo, Utah. We use patented technology to completely remove trip hazards from uneven sidewalks, concrete walkways and handicap access ramps.

  • grinding down sidewalks to level - educationcare

    Uneven Sidewalk Repair - Thumbtack. Always Safe Sidewalks is the leader in uneven sidewalk repair. . reach the edges of the sidewalk or grind each concrete section to be level with the next, so the. More details » Get Price

  • Concrete Grinding | Walkway Concrete Grinding & Raising .

    Walkway Concrete Grinding & Raising, Inc. is set up as an approved vendor with most professional management companies, municipalities and state universities. Give the experts at Walkway Concrete Grinding & Raising, Inc. a call and schedule a free appointment today.

  • AAA Walkway Concrete Grinding & Raising Inc. - Dallas, Texas

    Since 1995, Walkway Concrete Grinding & Raising, Inc. in Dallas, Texas, has been offering alternative methods to replacing concrete.We are experts in troubleshooting concrete problems for commercial and multi-residential properties in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

  • Sidewalk Repair & Leveling: Typical Costs, Examples & More

    Uneven sidewalk slabs present one of the bigger concrete nuisances, for both safety and aesthetic reasons. Fortunately, with A-1 Concrete Leveling, even multiple sections of problem sidewalk slabs in one location are typically a straightforward, one day fix.

  • Affordable Concrete Grinding In Wisconsin

    When you need a Concrete Grinding expert, you can depend on Concrete Grinding Pros to be connected with top Wisconsin concrete grinding experts. Why Use Our Service? - Get quotes - Connect with concrete grinding professionals. - Find contractors in the Wisconsin area. - Find the help you want.

  • Professional Concrete Sidewalk Leveling - Precision trip .

    Grinding, ramping and mudjacking are other methods used to try and fix uneven sidewalks however each has significant drawbacks or limitations. Grinding usually leaves a rough surface and often damages adjacent panels. Grinding also cannot typically .

  • Trip Hazard Repairs | THR Concrete Grinding | Concrete .

    Professional Concrete Grinding Done Right. The Most Cost Effective Way to Remove Tripping Hazards . Trip Hazard Repair LLC is a company that specializes in the removal of uneven sidewalks and curb. We safely eliminate the dangers and liability of these uneven surfaces using the most permanent, time sensitive, and advanced methods available.

  • Concrete Grinder 10" Rental - The Home Depot

    Description Model # 50200-HD. Perfect for indoor surface grinding applications, including garage, kitchen, basement or patio; Grinds down concrete high spots, removes sealers and thin mil paints, removes mastics and preps floors to accept new coatings

  • Our Services | Precision Sidewalk Safety

    Our Services Unique, Proven, Patented! What's wrong with sidewalk grinding? View our work: Precision Sidewalk Safety provides trip hazard repair of uneven sidewalks and other asphalt and concrete walkways in Florida and South Carolina. Our service is unique, because we use a patented technology, which removes hazardous offsets in a precise and .

  • Precision Safe Sidewalks, LLC.

    Precision Safe sidewalks. PSS is a sidewalk asset management company that helps clients create safe, walkable, ADA compliant communities by removing trip-and-fall hazards from uneven walkways. Our patented process is more effective and efficient than conventional options and has been used across the nation for over twenty years.

  • Walkway Grinding Co.

    Walkway Grinding Company specializes in "trip hazard removal" for safe sidewalks. Your inexpensive trip-hazard solution. Walkway Grinding is an alternative to replacing costly concrete walkways by simply shaving down the raised areas of concrete, or raising sunken sections of the concrete. We can also

  • Sidewalk Repair & Pavers | Central Florida | L.R.E Ground .

    Sidewalk Repair. If you have a cracked, broken or uneven sidewalk, it doesn't only look bad, it can lead to a fall or serious injury. The good news is the concrete does not need torn out and poured again to fix the problem. L.R.E. Ground Services, Inc. can raise your sinking sidewalk and prevent it .

  • A Guide for Maintaining Pedestrian Facilities for Enhanced .

    Therefore, there is no change in the cross slope, making cutting or grinding an appropriate treatment for this sidewalk displacement. The panels depicted on the right show uneven settling, so grinding or cutting will eliminate the tripping hazard, but will likely leave a warped condition.

  • Precision Concrete Cutting - Uneven Sidewalk Repair & Trip .

    Trip hazard removal specialist offer ADA compliant concrete Sidewalk repair and Uneven Sidewalk repair by concrete cutting instead of concrete grinding.

  • WalkwaygrindingandRaisingTexas

    Give the experts at Walkway Grinding & Raising Inc. a call and schedule a free appointment today. We are Fully bonded and insured with workmen's Compensation for your protection. Grind Uneven sidewalk trip Hazards to comply with A.D.A. Raise sunken concrete back to original elevation; Pressure injection to fill voids under concrete

  • Photos — Universal Concrete Grinding

    Uneven Sidewalks. We can transform a hazardous sidewalk joint into a smooth surface. . Uneven curb before grinding. Uneven curb after grinding. Broken Steps and porches. Upgrading Previous Repairs. Worn previous repair attempt. Uneven concrete pads with patch removed. Pads leveled.

  • Advantage vs Grinding - gasafesidewalks

    GASS Vs Grinding . Not only does Georgia Safe Sidewalks help you comply with the ADA and avoid liabilities associated with trip and fall injuries. We also guarantee work far superior to and less costly than conventional methods.

  • Trip Hazard Grinding Contractor Services in Southern .

    Concrete Grinding. On highly uneven surfaces, concrete grinding is often a two-stage process. During the first stage, a machine called a surface planer or scarifier eats away most of the material by beating it with high-speed cutting wheels known as flails.

  • How To Remove Sidewalk Trip Hazards - EDCO

    Nov 12, 2014 · Common Surface Preparation Question: How do I remove trip hazards from concrete sidewalks? A trip hazard is when two concrete sidewalk slabs come to together and one has risen or lowered creating unevenness someone could trip over. This is common occurrence caused by different reasons including tree root growth, ground compaction issues, and weather. Local government, .

  • Raising Concrete Sidewalk | Ways To Repair Uneven Concrete .

    The easiest option is to hire a sidewalk repair company but many still rely on outdated techniques such as scarifying or grinding uneven concrete surfaces. Fortunately, new technology and equipment that is capable of fixing an uneven sidewalk, removing trip hazards, and other sidewalk repair projects is now a feasible option.

  • Concrete Grinding - Floor Leveling - Concrete Repairman LLC.

    Jan 17, 2019 · Diamond grinding also lowers road noise by providing a longitudinal texture, which is quieter than transverse textures. Conclusion. Grinding concrete is the best solution for dealing with uneven concrete surfaces, such as grout build up, humps in the floor and uneven pours. Floor grinding can be used indoors (with dust control equipment) and .

  • Notices from the Neighborhood Sidewalk Repair Program

    Sidewalk inspections and notices. Inspections will begin in August in Region 1 to notify property owners about adjacent sidewalks that are damaged, uneven, sloping or hazardous. Residents will receive a notice on their door, and an identical notice will be sent by mail to the property owner.

  • Concrete Sidewalk Repair: How to Repair an Uneven Sidewalk .

    An uneven sidewalk used to be a major concrete-repair job with a hefty price tag attached. Now, new technologies have enabled fast and simple sidewalk leveling through a technique called mud jacking. Follow the directions below to mud jack your uneven sidewalk slab back to its correct position.

  • Grind-All: The Trip Hazard Repair Specialists

    Grind-All offers affordable and permanent solutions to problems such as raised concrete, raised curbs and pitted concrete with an 80% savings over conventional methods. At the heart of our service is an excellent reputation for repairing and restoring concrete to a permanently safe and lasting condition.

  • Florida Sidewalks, Inc. - Home - Grinding sidewalks, trip .

    Working with Florida Sidewalks, Inc. Inc will enable you to spend the least amount of money to maintain your concrete surfaces for the long term. We specialize in Sidewalk Repairs / Trip Hazard Removal / ADA Ramps. Florida Sidewalks Broward/Palm Beach/Dade, we serve all of Florida. Sidewalk Solutions